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 Traditional Texas Foundation Quarter Horses For Sale

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Real Old Time Texas Cow Quarter Horses

in grulla, blue roan, black

Own a piece of history while you still can.

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Your source for Foundation Bred Quarter Horses

 The legendary Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines of Jessie James, Poco Bueno, Hancock- bred to Work a Cow

We specialize in grulla, blue roan, and black foundation bred Quarter Horses -all are AQHA, NFQHA and FQHR eligible
We have 3 foundation bred stallions:
 Hancock bred blue roan quarter horse stallion
 Poco Bueno bred grulla quarter horse stallion
Jessie James bred grulla quarter horse stallion

We have a Hancock bred Blue Roan Quarter Horse Stallion that is homozygous blue roan- he is homozygous black and homozygous roan, so every foal he has will be blue roan.  We can guarantee this because he is bred to foundation mares that are black or blue roan quarter horses.

We have a Poco Bueno bred Grulla quarter horse stallion that has the most amazing, solid foundation foals- all in black or grulla, because he is bred only to foundation Poco Bueno/Hancock or Jessie James mares that are black or grulla quarter horses. 

And we have a Jessie James grulla quarter horse stallion that is homozygous black, all his foals are grulla or black.  He has the true pewter grulla color, and puts an increbible, trainable mind on his foals

Located in North Texas, we are a family-run ranch that raises Traditional Texas foundation bloodline AQHA and NFQHA quarter horses. These are the original old  time Texas cowhorses.

Own a piece of  history, while you still can.

Most of our herd we’ve raised on site from foals; many were born here as well. Our Quarter Horses are bred for conformation typical of the true Foundation Quarter Horse. Equally important are concentration of select Foundation Quarter Horse  bloodlines, and even temperament. These horses are known for their Cow Sense. All our quarter horses are AQHA NFQHA and FQHR eligible or registered.


Our Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines and our horses themselves reflect all the traits that made these unique horses worthy of their own registry- the American Quarter Horse Association.

Our mare band consists exclusively of
Jessie James, Poco Bueno, or Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock foundation bloodlines, and are NFQHA or FQHR registered or NFQHA and FQHR eligible.

The original Foundation Quarter Horse was smart, agile, and easy to handle and train.  They are also born with lots of cow sense, ready to take on a cow, even as a foal.

The "Steel Dust" bred foundation quarter horse carries on the cowboy tradition by being Texas tough, stout and hardy - no special feed, hormones shots, or pampering required.





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Wolter Ranch
Paul and Cathy Wolter
Dodd City, Texas
903-623-4106   (home)

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